Friday, January 28, 2011

Slow start to 2011 - but not for facebook

Hi all and apologies for the hiatus in posting. End of the old year and start of the new have definitely provided more than a few distractions. In any case, back into it now and hoping to be able to provide more frequent Stickyness in 2011.

To get things rolling, here's a couple things that caught my eye this week:

Facebook is making big strides towards having its own economy. With Facebook Credits out of beta and set to become the mandatory currency for all social gaming purchases (Thanks Mashable:, and the recent announcement that Facebook is testing a Group Buying scheme using the credits as currency (, it certainty looks like the site is setting itself up for a transition into a more commercial environment, and one that it pulls all the levers in. Who's taking bets on Facebook Credits being listed as a tradeable currency within 2 years? I've got a case of red on it if there are any takers?

And, the New York times is thinking of creating its own version of Wikileaks (Thanks Cutline: The ironic nature of the relationship between Wikileaks, Assange and main stream outlets like the NYT aside, this is certainly an interesting development that might not bode well for Wikileaks in the long run, certainty feels like a good move for news. I'm just left wondering about how much we can trust the main stream outlets when it comes handling really explosive info.

Happy weekend

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