Friday, February 11, 2011

Thinking Cap Sparks Creativity Via Electrical Current

Great stuff from Sydney Prof here... via PSFK

February 10, 2011

allan snyder-University of Australia-thinking cap-electrical current

Scientist Allan Snyder at Australia’s University of Sydney’s Center for the Mind has developed a ‘thinking cap’ that sparks creativity by passing low levels of electrical current to the right, creative half of the brain, while simultaneously suppressing neural activity in the left. Allan said the goal was to suppress habits and opinions gathered through life experiences to help users see problems and situations as they really appear. The device was inspired by accident victims who experienced a sudden surge in creativity after damaging the left half of their brains.

Simple math tests were administered to test the contraption. Out of a sample 60 participants, three times as many people who wore the cap were able to complete the tests.

University of Sydney’s Center for the Mind

[via The Sun

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